You know this is for you right? :')

When you try your best but you don't succeed 
When you get what you want but not what you need
When you feel so tired but you can't sleep
Stuck in reverse. 

And the tears come streaming down your face
When you lose something you can't replace
When you love someone but it goes to waste
Could it be worst ? 

Fix you. Coldplay. You sang it well last night. Just so you know , those are my favourite lines. And everytime I get bored, I will always sing it. You know, even dalam baris tengah ambil strength, tengah mandi , tengah beratur ambil share, tengah masak, basuh baju ke apa semua. You meant a lot to me. You have succeeded to fill my heart in about just three weeks. Bravo boy bravo! 

I owe you a lot. Owe you a lot, boy. In about three weeks, we knew each other very well. You have been such a nice guardian and such a very good singer :D Thank You bytheway. You know all my friends. From Sheda, Syairah, Areen, Bear, Lya, Arina, Farhaa. ah semualah you dah kenal. entah lah i tak tahu kenapa i nak post pasal you dekat bloggy baby i yang comel ni. It's just I like to tell people about you but I nama dan alamat dirahsiakan :P HAHA. Hey, ingat tak ada one night tu you cakap dekat I macam ni " i don't care what people say, i don't careeeee...." dengan muka annoying you tu . HAHA comel gila siot :D 

Boy, still remember ada one day tu ramai gila orang tanya I pasal dia? and you seems so cool and relax and you act like nothing happened and i tahu sebenarnya you mesti bengang kan kan kan? lol gilaaaa. and last sekali you asked me " siapa dia ?" dengan muka yang penuh chill tu. Whoever that guy to me now, that's not important because I know, I know, I am not the one for him . Now, you're my future and I still remember how you react when I said I want a perfect seven years love story. HAHA. cuak cuak cuakk... lewls. padan muka. sanggup ke nak tunggu . dah ah merepek bye. 

Thank You boy, even kita dah jauh macam ni pun you're still supporting me in every way. That's what makes me amaze. And please remember, whatever you do, I am amaze by you , Comel :) I tahu you suka kan I panggil you Comel. even you tak cakap pun kan kannnn... :P okay I am soooo annoying , I know! Okay comel, sorry for everything and thank you for putting so much effort on me . 
I hope you're strong enough to stay . In our story. I promise you, if you're not the one for me, it's okay, i won't regret having you in my life because you're the great singer ever bro! haha :P sorry annoying sangat harini . sorry sorry. I promise you I will learn from my mistake. peace yo! hehe. Even kita dari background yang berbezaaa gila. I mean I used to be in an 'elit' boarding school and from a biasa-biasa family. But you're from a happening daily and co-ed school (Y) and a very rich family! Dah dah kemain panjang pulak post pasal you. apa apalah. kay jumpa esok . dekattt..... skype! HAHAHAH. ok boy, good night . take care Comel !

Gigi Cun. Yasmin . 

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