#You Don't Truly Love Someone Till The Love Has Been Tested and Survived.
Greetings, I am Yasmin Aisyah. 
I Live in the world where everybody is awesome.
I've been through so many things. 
I smile, I proud, I sad, I laugh, I cry, I shout, I whisper, I sing. 
I am always The Seahorse Keeper. 
Genting's Forever Heartbeat and I am a Proud Zainon Hard Rocker.
Moving on ain't easy. I am still on my way. Note that. 
Fix me if I'm Broke. 
XX, Yasmin Aisyah Gigi Cantik Tak Payah Pakai Braces :)


  1. proud to be the first... haha

    be strong, even aq tatau what happened to you... best wishes from ur crime partner lolol