Lemme tell you , about my 2012

The last one is the cutest one :DD anyone nak deny? LOL :)

2012. I SMILE, I CRY, I PROUD, I GO CRAZY , I LAUGH NON STOP AND YES I REALLY LOVE 2012. My 2012 started with otp with my crush. Yes, everybody knows who is him. Don't ask me again please :) and, classes . in 5 Jujur :) I am really really happy being in that super duper freaky class meow. then, I went to SMS Sultan Ahmad Shah Kuantan for Kesuma. see the pictures above :) The Presidents, we've been through ups and downs and thank you girls. You guys will always be with me through everything right? mehehe. and then HIS birthday . on 24th . i won't forget . haha. 2012 i learnt how to let go and move on for the very second time in my life. yet, i'm still learning on it. well. EED. soo funnn! and to Han, thanks for coming :) This guy, Jahangir Khan, he made my 2012. after all, he's my inspiration and everything. I owe him a lotttt . But it's okay. I'm okay don't worry. and SPM .  I really had fun with my bestfriends. Genting is forever my heartbeat. Note that people. Told ya, my 2012 is really amazing. As amazing as me XD hehe. Thank you everyone. Now, it's time. I really can't wait what Allah had planned for me on 2013. Please be good to me meow. And, I am ready to serve . PLKN, here I come ! hehehehe. well, Goodbye 2012. IGMY

 favourite picture for 2012. Goodbye . Take care. I'm leaving. 

Minn Ai.

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